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Our Work

All our work projects are carried out with great dedication and responsibility, giving all the potential that this company can offer and always training us to continue growing in learning.

Our work team is always open to providing you with quality work, with the human warmth you need to generate a relationship of trust and gratification with all our clients.


Garfield Renovation


Complete Home Remodel:

  • Rebuild main staircase to the house

  • Add a new laundry room

  • Renovate 4 bathrooms

  • Install tile throughout

  • Renovate 2 kitchens

  • Renovate downstairs space

  • Add a new deck

  • Install pavers

  • Paint throughout

  • Install floor throughout

  • New millwork- baseboards, doors, door casings

  • Bring property up to FBC- structural work, new walls, new insulation

  • New HVAC system

  • New electrical


Moreno Home

  • Brand new home featuring a 5 ft elevation

  • Leveled pool

  • 3 bedroom, 2 bath home

  • Custom kitchen

  • Custom bathrooms

  • New surround system

  • 8ft high doors

  • New HVAC, electrical, plumbing

  • Custom flooring

  • Fresh paint

Diseño sin título (44).png


Greenwood Residence

  • Brand new home featuring ICF construction

  • Includes a 2 bedroom, 1 bath house with own kitchenette and laundry room

  • 4 bedroom, 3 bath home, 1 office space

  • Custom state of the art kitchen

  • Custom bathrooms- master bathroom has a stan alone bathtub with double shower heads

  • New surround system

  • 8ft high modern doors

  • New HVAC, electrical, plumbing

  • House is elevated 2ft

  • Custom flooring (24” x 48”), includes grand bathrooms

  • Fresh paint

  • Epoxy floors


Soin Renovation

  • Complete bathroom renovation including his and hers walk in closets with custom made wardrobes

  • Grand shower with unique ocean views

  • Soaking massage tub with state-of-the-art system

  • 8ft vanity custom made for the bathroom

  • Seating area custom made

  • Skylights

  • A dedicated master laundry room

  • Lutron system upgrade

  • Grand flooring tile

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